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I was at an antique store today. I found an asteroids deluxe game... like 700 dollars. Perfect I wager.

That wasn't the stupid part though. The stupid part is this: There is a Ms. Pac-Man... title... on the top of the machine. Then there's pacman stuff below that. The actual game was Pac-Man Plus, with some weird graphics glitches of pacman and ms. pacman alternating frame by frame. Ms. Pac-Man spins when either of the two die. I'm guessing that's a graphics glitch.

The price? $600. What they claim? They think it's actually twice as much.

Does anybody think I'm crazy? GB9

-- Gameboy9 (, August 19, 2001


...only if you bought it :)

-- ozz (, August 20, 2001.

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