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The repossession order is not the last word.You can get lots of help to regain the situation ,provided that you have equity left in the property and the means and will to recover.It may mean paying an enhanced rate for 12 months in which case you can remortgage at a more high st type rate with 12 months good payment and no further adverse.Repos are normaly due to a series of events and not just not paying.Even if it is really out next week there are methods to forstal and regain the property.LEts be fair no high st lender is going to be able to help you,there fore you cannot expect an easy fix method.Money is the dirtiest business in the world,and people beleive that lenders are nice family friendly cosy businesses .They most certainly are not.If you are in this situation look at or email me direct.There are no magic wands here,you must be totally honest with me and yourself as to amounts and causes.In return I will give honest and free advice.

-- roger watts (, August 19, 2001

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