why is lily still starting

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could somebody find out when was the last time ted lily got a win. this is crunch time , come on torre, shake it up a little by starting a different pitcher. we were suppose to win the second game of this series against seattle.

-- carl suber (csuber@home.com), August 18, 2001


If only we knew the answer to why Ted Lilly gets major league starts. I think it's difficult when you have 4 outstanding pitchers to round of the rotation with a fifth quality starter. There doesn't appear to be anyone coming through the minors who's ready and capable. And at least we have 4 strong pitchers in the first place!

-- Marjorie Johns (marjorie@citizencaine.org), August 20, 2001.

I think Mussina's stats over his career to date speak for themselves. It appears from recent seasons that when the Yankees pick up pitchers who've been solid or better elsewhere, it takes time for them to settle in. Let's not forget that the Rocket took a full season to settle in. Denny Neagle just never settled. Maybe it's dealing with the additional pressure of playing in NY. Who knows?

El Duque came out of nowhere to have an outstanding 1998 and since then he's not really lived up to that start, but he's still better than most out there.

I don't have anything against Ted Lilly and I think of all the pitchers the Yankees have in the farm system, he's the best at the moment. Hopefully, he'll come good in the end, but with the dreadful start we had to the season this year, there just isn't the leeway to allow a rookie to settle in.

-- Marjorie (marjorie@citizencaine.org), August 25, 2001.

Ted Lily will be o.k. eventually. The statement before me that said that the yankees have 4 great pitchers is questionable at best. Have the yankeew really gotten the best of Mike Mussina? If that is the case, they are in really big trouble. Hernandez will never be any better than he is right now, so why not give Lily a full shot?

-- al jaquays (aljaqu@americu.net), August 23, 2001.

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