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CAMPBELLTON, N.B. (CP) -- Public health officials in New Brunswick were tight-lipped Saturday about an E. coli outbreak in this northern New Brunswick city, but did confirm that more illnesses have been reported.

Marc Lecouffe, a public health inspector with the provincial Health Department, said more people contacted health officials on Saturday to report illness, but he could not say how many or whether there have been any additional hospitalizations.


A total of 11 people showed up at the Campbellton hospital between Monday and Friday complaining of E. coli symptoms.


It's unclear why health officials are being so tight-lipped about the situation, but their reluctance to talk appears to be feeding confusion and concern.


The strain of E. coli in Campbellton is the same one that afflicted the Ontario town of Walkerton last year, killing seven people.

-- Rachel Gibson (, August 18, 2001

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