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Somebody has got to be willing to stick their neck out and introduce a subject. But inviting Christians to debate doesnt work as well, I dont think, as simply throwing out some "bait' in the form of a strong doctrinal statement. Good christians know they are not supposed to argue and debate. But if they can be tricked into defending what they believe, they will debate with the best of them.

Ok, I will throw out what I belive on a few controversial subjects just for someone to jump all over me. This should be fun.

1. Tithing is not for the New Testament Church. Giving is.

2. The TV is the altar of idolatry in most christian homes. It should be taken out and used as target practice.

3. Most doctrines preached these days have been formed by tradition of men, and through the teachings of popular writers and preachers.

4. Most churches are not hot at all, but lukewarm, as can be evidenced by the attendance at prayer meetings, contrasted by the attendance of the same congregation at a "special service" where a popular group performs musically. Those churches in such a state will not get to heaven, because Jesus will "spew them out of his mouth."

5. There isnt near enough plain preaching about hellfire. Jesus preached about it more than he did about heaven. But most preachers these days are afraid to preach the truth, for fear of getting voted out of the pulpit.

6. The church is far too organised and controlled by inner political forces.

There you go-- have fun!

-- daffodyllady (, August 18, 2001


I agree with all but the tithing. I believe the Old Testament lays down the principles we are to live by, including our tithe. However, I do not believe how tithing is taught in our modern churches is Biblicly correct nor do I believe it is pleasing to God.

-- Laura (, September 10, 2001.

Hello, daffodyllady, I agree with you on points 2,3,4,5,and 6. I will have to go and study a while to be sure, but I don't think that the Savior preached more about hellfire than about heaven( well, the kingdon of heaven). The other thing I have found is that people at most churches don't seem all that interested in what we should be doing or living like. If you bring this up, they start talking about how we are saved by grace, not works. Never mind that faith without works is dead! I think that in our permissive society, the idea of curbing our own selfish desires has become repugnant to most and so they come up with doctrines to make them feel comfortable.

-- Rebekah (, August 19, 2001.

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