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If your lender is trying to repossess your home then there is a case at present that may help, or at least stay your proceedings until a final decision has been reached (Court of Appeal)

You need to find out if your "Mortgage" or "Contract" or "Mortgage Deed" or "Disposition" (there should only be one "document" that contains ALL the terms and Conditions although it may be call one of the above) it will be the one you actually signed for your mortgage! has this been signed by your lender 99% are not!

Next check: was the date you actually signed for your mortgage? It MUST have been on or after 27th September 1989 (very important)

If your mortgage is NOT signed by your lender and it WAS created after 27th September 1989, LOOK!! GO TO PAGE>>>>Having trouble with Eagle Star or their Solicitors?? or have they not signed your deeds... (on this same Q & A Page) if you need help e-mail me, or print that page off and take it to your solicitor and he will get in touch.

Keep an eye on that page for updates. Good Luck Regards Nigel Green.

-- Nigel Green (, August 18, 2001


My Mortgage was completed on the 15 Dec 1989, I have a mortgage shortfall claim against me which shall be heard in court very soon. My mortgage deed is not signed in writing but is sealed.How doe's this help me, regards Gary.

-- Gary (, August 28, 2001.

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