pp doula business--am I all set to start?

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I have trained with an agency in a nearby town(about 2 years ago) and have helped out about 8 families (a few sets of twins, too.)I had cpr and training with a lactation consultant and the agency I was working with(not enough business for me)said I could go out on my own as far as they know--I checked it out with the small bus. assoc. and they told me to keep records for tax purposes and to register a business name if I wanted to.I have post partum care provider insurance already.I plan on joining DONA but am not planning on taking any distance or other training.I do plan on reading up and taking a refresher lactation class--maybe La Leche and poss. a newborn care refresher but maybe not. Have I covered everything?Do I just go out there?What are the general thoughts out there on this?I feel like something is missing. Thanks for listening!!!! Donna --oh by the way I am a mom of 3 kids--ages 12,14&17.

-- Donna Wrubel (snowcap225@aol.com), August 15, 2001


I am in the same situation as you. I think you are pretty set myself. I still have to take my CPR class. However, I think gaining the courage and self-confidence is the biggest thing. NOw you just have to focus on your target market and advertising. How you want to get your name out to the public. You can use fliers, business cards, posters, signs, etc.

-- Tiyah Thompson (tiaglad@hotmail.com), September 07, 2001.

Donna, sounds to me like you have covered everything and with your experience you have references besides. I am just starting out as a postpartum too. Joining DONA is a good idea as they are the largest doula website and good for referrals. I joined a local doula collective in our area, mostly labor doulas but good for referrals, and they also gave me a discounted DONA membership. I also made up brochures and cardstock to distribute at local Mom's Club and Mothers of Multiples meetings, maternity stores and OB-Gyn offices. I still plan to contact local hospital maternity ward personnel and pregnancy care and childbirth education programs - anyone who is connected with mothers giving birth and may be in a position to let them know help is availabe after the birth.

Regarding keeping records: I have had a word processing home-based business for a few years and basically I keep track of all expenses and mileage on one spreadsheet (using item purchased, category, where purchased, or where driven to) and income on another spreadsheet (broken out into invoice number, date, client, amount, payment date and check number). By the way, what is pospartum care insurance? Good luck. Johanna, mother of two, 13 and 15 (now being homeschooled)

-- Johanna Soliday (ppmdoula@cwnet.com), September 22, 2001.

I got a packet from Midwifery today called Nurturing Beginnings. It was 50 dollars and i was afraid it was a big waste but I just got it yesterday and could not stop reading it,. It tells you all kinds of things you need to know for pp care including sample contracts and press releases and all kinds of marketing information. It has a lot of info about dealing with difficult situations and how to be tactful with emotionally sensitive new moms. I feel like it gave me a lot of confidence in going forward with my practice. Carissa Lentz Nebula Birth Services

-- Carissa Lentz (rinilope@aol.com), May 29, 2002.

Hi Guys, I just stumbled onto this website. I enjoyed reading your posts. I have been recently thrust into a confidence crushing situation. I moved recently from Charleston WV. to Gettysburg Pa. In Charleston I was trained by DONA. I had been doing doula work here and there and had really good support system if I needed it. There was a large midwife practice there who used doulas and we started something called The Doula Network. It was a really good environment for doulas. Now I moved to Gettysburg and I am again in a position where nobody around me has heard of doulas.There is only one midwife ( who doesnt seen open to the idea of doulas. I am so nervous about getting started here. Did any of you start in an area where you had no other doulas to start with? Or in an area that was not aware that doulas exist?

-- Kerry Melton (Kerraboo2@aol.com), February 08, 2004.

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