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Is it warm enough in the valley to climb in the month of nov.?? I'm losing my job come oct 26th and i'm thinking about heading to the valley for a few weeks.

-- rob powell (, August 15, 2001


November can be awesome for freeclimbing. Often it is very dry although the later in Nov. you go, the better chance of some weather blowing in. Short days are the other challenge. I have climbed in the sun without a shirt in the valley every month of the year, after November though, it is harder to predict well in advance if the weather is going to be good or not.



-- Karl Baba (, August 15, 2001.

congratulations on your job loss. sounds like it's time for more important things... a few weeks in the valley in november can bring all sorts of weather, but i wouldn't let it stop me from enjoying the lack of tourists, and lines on popular routes. you'll probably see a few rainy days but chances are you'll have more sunny ones. temps are mild as long as your not on a wall. bring raingear and a decent tent and i'm sure you'll be glad you went.

-- -- wayne (, August 17, 2001.

As everyone has said climbing can be had every month of the year. But, bring a good tent and a tarp to put over the table a few days of endless rain will leave you soggy. As far as find a climbing partner, that could be harder then staying warm on a cold day.

-- Craig Stevens (, August 24, 2001.

Rob, don't let the naysayer about not findin' a partner bullshit you. There's ALWAYS someone lookin' yo hookup. In fact I live 1.5 hrs from the valley and would be glad to climb there ANY time of year. I've climbed in a tee shirt in Feb when the temp on the valley floor was on the 30s. So that stuff about walls being cold doesn't always hold true either. Before you get down here send me an email I'll give you my ph#.

-- Rick (, August 24, 2001.

Hey rick, You sound like a real poser. While the temps may be the same whether you are climbing on short routes or 1500 feet up a wall, it's much easier to deal with the cold when you have unlimited resources (close to camp). It's true, partners are easy to find, good ones however are a different story. Let me guess, you pick grapes in merced, right?

-- --wayne (, August 31, 2001.

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