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I recently put my new MV on ebay to help pay for an ORO but the best offer was 18500 and even though thats what I paid I didnt decided to blow off the ORO since it has 3900 miles and you just never know about used bikes. This guy is 18 years old in Hollywood which makes it worse!

Anyway, I am keeping my F4 and need some neat pcs for it, QB is really hard to get hold of, I would like an exhaust, front fender and some method to make the wheels silver, I have a powder coater but his silver comes out grey. Any contacts for parts or advice on the wheels?

I park my bike in my office, what a work of art!

Is it really a huge deal with this 600 mile service as everyone is 8 weeks behind and I dont want to ride it much more if its a big issue about going over the 600 miles. Can I take it to a Ducati dealer to do the 600 mile service or will it void the warrant?

-- Adam Tromp (, August 14, 2001


The 600 mile service is the most important service of all. Metal and other particles which have settled in the oil and filter must be removed. They also check for valve clearances. I would think that a Ducati dealer could do the job, but the warranty issue would be a different problem.
Of course call your local dealer and check with them.

-- mod (, August 16, 2001.

why don't you bring it to a Honda dealer? Since when Ducati makes inline 4 engines?

-- takie chan (, August 17, 2001.

Not like for the Desmo (especially Desmoquattro)valve clearance job on the MV is easy to do for someone professional enough !! If you don't found MV dealer near you, go for the best around. On mine I have valve clearance job done by myself. Just an advise for unscrew m6 bolts thightening the camshafts, you have to veryvery well and carefully degrease it and use a brand new hexagonal tool or you will damage head bolts because these are flat.For the rest it's easy to do.

Bests regards


-- Laurent GABERELL (, August 17, 2001.

The reason I was considering a Ducati dealer is that they have done work on quite a few MV's already and there is one mechanic inparticular that is quite familiar with MV's. Where I seriously doubt the Honda dealer has ever even seen an MV...

-- Adam Tromp (adamt, August 17, 2001.

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