What happened in the large Michigan Annual Conference in Detroit, the Northwest Texas Conference in Amarillo and the Canadian Annual Conference in Toronto

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Since the super large Michigan Annual Conference closed in Detroit this past Sunday as well as the Northwest Texas Annual Conference in Amarillo this past Saturday along with the Canadian Annual Conference which closed this two weeks ago, I would like to hear reports from these areas as well. The Michigan Annual Conference is one of the largest in the AME Church and has several congregations with more than two-thousand members. If anyone attended any of these Annual Conferences, please share.

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2001


Greetings from the Canadian Conference of the 4th Episcopal District. Yes we have closed out another annual conference session. We began with the WMS under the leadership of our Episcopal Supervisor Dr. M. Joan Cousin on Wednesday. We held regular business sessions with workshops and information sessions. This concluded with the Annual Night in White service.

The conference opened on Thursday morning with the Annual Sermon being delivered by Rev. Betty Middlebrook (Chatam, Ontario), this was followed by general organization. Following lunch we heard Pastoral Reports from the charges. All reports were well received. And, though some of the congregations are small all are doing well. Bishop Cousin presented a personal check to assit one congregation, Dr. Cousin presented a check from the WMS to assist one congregation, Reverend Gregory Wilson (Grant AMEC) presented a check to assist one congregation. These gifts of love brought a sense of encouragement to these smaller congregations.

Many out of town / out of conference visitors were in attendance. Following dinner all returned for the Annual Communion worship service, which was preached by the host pastor, Rev. Gregory Wilson. The Mass Choir and Signs of Praises (Sign Language Choir) ministered. It was a trully lovely service.

Friday opened up with committee reports and teaching session by the Rt. Rev. Philip R. Cousin, Presiding Prelate. Bishop shared from his heart and was very informative. The Board of Examiners presented one candidate for the ministry as well.

Friday continued with the youth of the Canadian Conference putting on a dinner theater performance which played to a standing room only crowd. Bishop and Dr. Cousin suggested they take the performance on the road. Over 40 youth took part in the production written by a member of the Grant AME Church (Toronto).

Saturday the Laity from across the confernce gathered for their organizational meeting and the YPD held their meeting and worship service.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Bishop Robert Thomas preached, and did he ever. We were also blessed to have Mother Beverly Thomas with us. Following the worship appointments were handed out.

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2001

Wow!! Thank you so much for a wonderful report, the Holy Spirit was definitely there, it is so good to hear the small congregations were being helped. I wish I could have seen the sign language choir. Please keep us posted about Canada. Thank you again for giving us a report.

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2001

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