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We have had alot of problems over the last three weeks with our very young calves scouring. I took samples to our vet and we found that it was Ecoli. I am raising heifer calves for a local dairy and I purchase all of the bull calves. The vet has told me that the lab found that to kill it you have to you exenel. But with the weather being so warm and it is transfered by fecal matter with flys. How can we get rid of this so that it doesn't keep going from one calf to another. I have started giving all the newborn calves Bovin-Equalizer at the dairy before I give them their colostrum but what about the ones that I already have at home. Does anyone know of anything that can be sprayed in their hutches that will kill this. I have all the pens sprayed once a week for flies by our spray guy. It seems to mostly hit the calves that our within a few weeks old. It hasn't touched any of the older calves in our group pens. I really need some help. No one seems to know of anything that can me used so that the flys can't keep spreading this around. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- LeeAnn Atwood (, August 13, 2001


What are you vaccinating the calves with when they hit the ground? We used to always give them calf Guard orally and then use BoBac XX or an equivalent bacterin. Then we used an E. Coli vaccine orally ( I can't remember the name of it. Something like Genex. Cost about ten bucks a dose, but stopped the E. coli cold). Maybe this will help in your situation.

-- Sandra Nelson (, August 17, 2001.

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