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My problem is that I used Nero to burn A VCD and tried to play it on my Sanyo DWM-360 DVD player. When I put it in, it just gives me a "No Play" error message. This DVD player claims to be able to play VCDs. I have talked to others that have no problems getting it to work. Is Nero bruning it in the wrong format? I can get my VCD to play on my PC if I open up Windows Media Player and then open the dat file. If I just double click on the dat file it won't play. I don't know if this is a related problem or not. Please help!

-- Jake McWhirter (, August 12, 2001


It appears from looking at the DVD player compatibility list at that your particular model may be fussy about which CD-R discs it plays. Looks like there's good support for CD-RW though. Try burning your VCD to CD-RW. If it plays, try another brand of CD-R. Well, if you burned it in Nero using the Video CD option, the disc should be good. If the CD-RW works, you might try using Prime Peripherals brand CD-Rs. You can get them at either Office Max or Office Depot (I forgot which) in the US. Prime Peripherals work on Sony DVD players that supposedly don't support CD-R. They might work OK on your Sanyo too, but you'll have to test it to see.

-- Jason (, August 13, 2001.

No, that didn't work. Any other ideas? I tried a CD-RW disc and the same thing happened. The CD-R that I was using will play on my DVD player if it is an audo CD but not a VCD.

-- Jake McWhirter (, August 13, 2001.

when you burned it, was it in the proper form, MPEG1 not MPEG2? If it works in another vcd player but not yours, it is possible that the encoding to VCD(MPEG1) was done wrong or You are using a mediatype or hardware that doesn't want to play. Remember not all VCD's work in all Players. Just because it works in Media Player, does not guarantee that it was encoded properly. A couple of suggestions...try to "fix" the MPEG, by copying it to your HD and use an MPEG fix tool like fixit.exe or similar, which you can probably find at, then re burn a new copy. The other thing would be try burning a different type of media CD-R(green layered)at 4x speed if you are normally burning higher than that. Most newer DVD players recognize all MPEG1(VCD)encoded files, but they do not all claim to be CD-R compatible...the process a factory VCD is made is slightly different than making a copy on CD-R

-- gp (, August 17, 2001.

Don't use Nero. It seems if you use EZCD, then you won't have any problems. I'm not sure what the burners are doing differently. It could be that Nero does something wrong that most players don't care about, but the Sanyo does.

-- Cory (, December 17, 2001.

I've tried on my DWM-360, with some brands like: VERBATIM , LG , 700MB, or 650 MB, ... nothing. I've been burning with VcdEasy, Nero, CDRWin, EasyCD Creator Platinum, and so on, ... nothing. I've used even CD-RW TDK, ... nothing. I am thinking seriously about selling my Sanyo, and buy something better. That's my opinion. Thanks.

-- Gabriel Sosa (, November 05, 2002.

Currently I own the newer model of that sanyo that you have and my model says it supports the Mpeg2 format but only for auido and does not support the VCD or SVCD video format, That may be your problem.

The books try to trick you man! I am taking mine back and going to pick up one that supports VCD and SVCD. Suggest you do the same.

-- James (, April 02, 2003.

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