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I encountered an unfamilar problem while playing back a vcd. The sound will cut in and out in about two second intervals. Yet the intial encoded mpg will play back all right. I'm using Nero 5.5 and can't figure this one out. Please hit me off with any help at all. Thanks in advance.

-- (, August 12, 2001


Hi, I am having the same problem too.THe VCD's i create using nero 5.5.x play perfectly on my computer, but the audio cuts out every few seconds on my vcd player (Thomson), I have tried different media but the problem is still there.I am using a sony CRX175A1 24x writer.

I usually use 700mb cds,i have tried lots of brands.

-- Hemant Galagali (, July 23, 2002.

I've had the same prob too (are you trying to play back on a PC or DVD/VCD player?) i did some research and it seems the problem is with nero, it lets you encode vcds with a really high bitrate, and cheaper sound cards just can't hand it, so they play for a bit then run out of buffer then build up buffer again (the pause) then can play for a while. I know someone i know with a sound blaster audigy has no problems, but my vibra128 does. So i think this is the problem. To solve it either get a better sound card, or try to encode the videos with a lower bitrate sound.

-- Chris b (, January 18, 2003.

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