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HELP !!! I have been canning for many years, even beets but last year and this year after canning them they are white in the jar ?? !! Follow the same canning receipt that I have for many years. These are pickled beets and don't know why they look white after this. They taste fine but don't look like the ones I still have on my shelf from 3 years ago. ( I know...shouldn't keep canned goods for that long...wonder how we have all survived all these year) Does anyone have any ideas for me. I will now put in my second batch of jars and might reduce the pressure canning time a few minutes but don't really want to play with that too much for safety reason. Have a lot more beets to can and sure don't want them all white and sick looking in the jar !! Thanks for any help !!

-- Helena Di Maio (, August 12, 2001


I don't know, Helena. Maybe it's the variety of beet you've been growing the past two years?

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (, August 12, 2001.

My pressure canning book says that some varieties of beet lose their color in the canning process. Older beets do as well. That probably explains your situation. I'm sure they're still good; you'll just have to readjust your perception of canned beets.

-- Katherine (, August 13, 2001.

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