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My Cat decided a fun place to pee is on my sofa.. HELP!!!

We have 3 cats and a 1 year old GSD. My cat is very sensitive but has been house trained for 3 years. We lost are Doberman last year and this was hard on her. They were buddies and he would stop my other 2 cats from bothering her. She is a calico female and the other 2 are black males and they are not always nice to her. She usually totally avoids the older male. I myself avoid him. HE is my hubbys cat. MY GSD is still young and likes to play but she is pretty nice to her I have been correcting Annie my dog when her gets to playful and she’s getting better.

WHAT do I do to stop her from peeing on my sofa? I try to give her more attention than the others. I even lock the male’s cats out of our room at night She sleeps with hubby, Anne and me. She follows me up to bed and wakes up when I get up.

Last night she got mad I trimmed her nail so she didn’t follow me to bed and she pissed on the sofa. I did not hurt her when I trimmed her nails at all. She pissed on the sofa 3 other times this month.

I already moved her litter box. I thought the problem was it was next to our new heater/air conditioner. She was frightened of the new until.. HELP WHAT DO I DO???????????????? She even pissed on my leather recliner and both the sofa and recliner are less than a year old…

Has used the litter box that separates the waste from clean litter? Do you think that would make a difference? We do have 3 litter boxes already.

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2001


You might want to post this over in the new forum!

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2001

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