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Hello all

I have some questions about the cam discs of the Linhof Technika 70 and Super Technika V 6x9 I have 2 Technika 70ís type 1 and type 2 and a super technika 6x9 model V The serial numbers are as follow: # Technika 70 type 1 with a cam disc for focal lengths 65-100-180 : 1735093 With a symmar-S 100mm F 5,6 S.N. 13266891 multicoated .. I think it may be a late model as it came with a black super rolex back and the lens is a 1977-1978 production The camera body has a FIXED left sided (black) hand grip. # Technika 70 type 2 with a cam disc for focal lengths 53-100-180 : 1751495 With a symmar-S 100mm F 5,6 S.N. 12623759 ( I donít think itís multicoated) But the cream-colored handgrip is of the usual detachable type. # The super technika 6x9 model V S.N. : 5011248 with a cam disc for focal lengths 65-100-180 with a technikon 100mm F. 2,8 S.N. : 6144793

* I want to know if I can interchange the cam discs between the 3 bodies ? * Can I interchange the 2 Symmarís without changing the cams between bodies? (No spacers are used in mounting both lenses to the lense boards.)

Iím still thinking about the wide angle options availableÖ. * What do you think about the performance of the super angulon 53mm F. 4 and the (Very expensive ) Biogon 53mm F. 4,5 compared to the more modern glasses like the grandagon 55mm and S.A. 58mm? ( I know Iíll lose the range finder focusing but if optical performance/coverage is much better I may be willing to.) * Can I have the cam for 65mm focal length grinded for 55mm or 58mm focal lengths? * I would like to know the manufacture dates for the 3 camera bodies and the Technikon lens! ( Thanks Bob! ) * I didnít see any technika 70 with a fixed handgrip .. did it have a modification done? (Itís similar to the press 70 fixed handgrip) or is it a normal production variation? Thanks for you all. Ashraf Nassef

-- Ashraf Nassef (, August 11, 2001


Service may be able to help. In the U.S. 973 808 9626.

Outside the U.S. check with the local distributor.

-- Bob Salomon (, August 11, 2001.

The Technika 70 1735093 is an early one from 1967 The Technika 70 1751495 is from 1969 The Technika V 5011248 is from 1969

The 70 was made from 1965 to 1979.

-- Bob Salomon (, August 13, 2001.

Thanks for the informations Bob. Ashraf

-- Ashraf Nassef (, August 15, 2001.

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