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I just recently bought a pioneer dv-k102. I just wanted to know if I could make my own compilation (thru .mid or .kar files from the net) if so how do I do that i am using a pc with win 98 se (not mac) what programs do i need. Please help

-- Kristin Aguilar (crvkva10@yahoo.com), August 11, 2001


you can write to me to explain more

-- HAZEM (hazem504@yahoo.com), October 10, 2001.


it is now a long time ago since I had the idea to use quicktime to do the conversion from .kar to VCD and I answered a lot of mails where I explained how to do this. First of all you need Quicktime PRO (only the Pro version can has an export function!). You can then use quicktime to convert the text of the .kar-file to a video and the MIDI-Part to WAV or AIF audio.

Quicktime is not able to convert the video and audio part at once: You have to convert them seperately. Convert the audio part to .aif or .wav (depends from the system you are using. WAV is better for PC, AIF better for MAC). Use the Quicktime Options to find the right font size! Import both parts into any video editor and align the audio to video (shouldn't be a problem, because Quicktime does a very good job...). Keep an eye on the right VCD size (352 x 288) for PAL. If the Quicktime Picture is too large, use the Scale function of your video editor. There is a little area around each PAL picture that cannot be used for video. So just do some experiments with the Scale function of your video editor (I prefer Adobe Premiere). Export the finished video to MPEG 1. Take care for the right options for VCD. If you have any questions regarding VCD go and look at www.vcdhelp.com I'm sure that there you will find, what you are looking for.

When I tried to make my first karaoke disks, I was looking for a program that can do the job and unable to find one that exports to VCD. There is one that can do CD+G disks but not VCD. I was working with Quicktime before and first thought of writing my own authoring software based on MACROMEDIA DIRECTOR. But then I had the idea to use Quicktime to convert .kar files. This saved me a lot of time since there is so much software floating around the net that can help authoring .kar files. Since I have a very good digital project studio it wasn't a problem for me to get the best sound possible. For me it was just the easiest way to achieve my goal. Because so many people where asking for this I decided to post my solution on the net. I did not think of so much response!!!!

So, I hope that you are happy with this solution. If you have any further questions, you can mail me. I will try to answer them as soon as possible.



-- Markus Galla (markus_galla@gmx.de), February 03, 2002.

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