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ok, the forum has been appearing pretty quite to me, so i thought i'd bring this up.... one of my favorite websites to visit is, www.jumptheshark.com i dunno if u all know what jumping the shard is, but its when a tv show, starts to go bad... there are a bunch of great shows here, and a listing of where their downfall began.... and to my surprise Aeon Flux was listed as well.... although the discussion is quite short, there are still the share of aeon supports and bashers.... i dunno, if ya'll want to check it out... its at http://jumptheshark.com/a/aeonflux.htm just more senseless rambling i guess... but its intresting to look at i suppose

-- Dann (Slims01@juno.com), August 10, 2001


Aeon went bad on the final credits of the final episode of season 3

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), August 10, 2001.

here here, William. Well said!

-- pixi (pixiness@yahoo.com), August 10, 2001.

Just got it William, maybe I didn't jumpt that shark.

-- Barb e. (Suesuebeo9@cs.com), August 10, 2001.

wot ave they got against Bambara (piss off little witches)

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), August 11, 2001.

I have to quote these

"When the characters started to talk Aeon Flux started to suck...hardcore! Most of the the fun of watching the show was getting the story through body language and the characters actions. It seems to me that having the characters talk kind of "dumbed up" the show"

"The genius of Aeon Flux was empowering talented animators to tell a story free of dialogue. When the characters began speaking all sense of mystery was immediately lost."

"Specifically, everything that came out of Aeon's mouth destroyed the ultra-hip super-spy mystique, and dumbed down the show considerably".

I have to disagree with these views, even though I see the seasons as different (you can't compare LTV and MTV) there is no way they can support this argument. The dialogue added so much depth and ambiguity. Some it no one understands!

-- William (stateofflux@yahoo.com), August 11, 2001.

cool site! I got into the thick of the aeon debate and just couldnt bring myself to shake a rattle with the rest of the playgroup so I meandered over to the due south discussion to find that its the same across the board. sooo many people just spoiling for a fight.

and Im one of 'em.

-- steve (steppenwolf@breathe.com), August 11, 2001.

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