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On the Northern California Movies website, I recently posted pictures from "The Wedding Planner". There are some blank spots towards the bottom of various neighborhoods that one of the characters passes through on a motorbike. Does anyone happen to recognize on which streets these were shot? There are some clues in each, like streetcar or cable car tracks, view of the Bay, and view of buildings at USF.

Along the same lines, does anyone recognize the homes in the third picture for "Seven Girlfriends"? It might be somewhere in North Beach or Russian Hill.

By the way, the website is expanded now so that it not only includes San Francisco and Northern California, but also now the whole Pacific Northwest.

Scott Trimble

-- Scott Trimble (, August 10, 2001


The picture above the one that is the interior of city hall, was taken from Buena Vista Ave. West, near the 500 block.

-- Dedan H. (, March 28, 2004.

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