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Having lived on Mason St. between Pine and Bush St.'s for the past four years, I have always wondered what the significance (if any) of Hooker Alley was in days gone by. My apartment overlooks what now is a neighborhood garden. The building manager mentioned that at one time it was named Hooker Alley but there is no longer a street sign distinguishing it. How did it get it's name? Where there any businesses that lined it before the hotels and apartments and such were built? Any help is appreciated.

-- Thomas Harrison (tennthomas@yahoo.com), August 09, 2001


Hooker Alley is listed in the 1910 Street Guide. The block is a "Fifty Vara" Block part of the original San Francisco Survey. It is now numbered 273.

That block in 1920 was part of "Downtown" and is now described as part of "Civic Center/Downtown". Thomas maps puts it in "Russian Hill/Nob Hill/Chinatown."

There used to be a Postal Station (No 70) in the store at 700 Bush in 1933. Nest to it is the "Fairmount Deli/Cafe Motzart" site.

Phil Burton lived at 845 Pine in the 1960s.

Good luck in your research.

Kurt Iversen

-- Kurt Iversen (iversenk@aol.com), August 10, 2001.

The alley is in a part of the city that is old enough so that it could have been named after Gen. Joseph Hooker who fought in both the Mexican and Civil Wars. This is just a guess,but being a war hero, a president, or an early real estate developer would often get a street named after you.

-- Don Martinich (dutchm@dcn.davis.ca.us), August 12, 2001.

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