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this may be really stupid but I was wondering how to use the little focussing aid on sinar camera's (near the backs fine focus) and apart from that if it is worth using anyway. I can not quite figure it out, and it seems to me that it should only be accurate for one specific lens or focal length (there's a little '90' on mine so perhaps this was meant for a 90mm?)

thanks for any insight, serge

-- serge chamuleau (, August 08, 2001



The device on the Sinar focus knob is good for all focal lengths ... it's shortcomings only really become apparent with very close focussing (macro).

There are usually two scales printed around the focus drive knob - say, 4x5 & 6x9. Refer to the apropriate scale for the format you are using.

First focus on a the furthest point that you wish to appear sharp and move the '0' on the scale to the index mark.

Next focus on the near point that you want sharp. Note the aperture value at the index mark - this is the aperture to shoot at.

Now turn the focus drive back 2 f-stops on the scale. At this point the depth of field at the indicated aperture will be sufficient for a 10x8 print from a 4x5 neg. to be viewed at a normal (arm's length) distance from the print.

The Tilt and Swing angle scales work differently on the F series and the P series but since you don't mention which model it is I can't render any further advice at this stage.

Cheers ... Walter

-- Walter Glover (, August 08, 2001.

-- edward kang (, August 08, 2001.

Strange, here's another try.

-- edward kang (, August 08, 2001.


-- edward kang (, August 08, 2001.

thanks so much for the clear answers and scans. I have an F and P2 but can not find the tilt aid (obviously the F never had one but the P2 should?). the P2 focus aid only has the 4x5' marks by the way


-- serge chamuleau (, August 08, 2001.

the p/p2 doesn't have the tilt aid, the f1/f2 does. i'm not sure about the f.

-- adam friedberg (, August 08, 2001.

As far as the tilt, swing and DOF adjustments for the P2 and F go, check out the Sinar Bron site at It is explained in detail there.

-- andy ongun (, August 11, 2001.

The Sinar P (and the P2) definitely has a tilt (and swing) aid built-in to the camera. this is part and parcel of the assymmetric tilt and swing mechanism for the camera. The Sinar F cameras needan external scale to calculate tilt and swing angles because they are base tilt designs, not the superior assymmetric design found in the P, C and X series of Sinar view cameras.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, August 12, 2001.

i assumed serge was referring to the external scale.

-- adam (, August 14, 2001.

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