Were interns brought in to set up government officials?

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Speaking of interns, It has been starting to appear that they are nothing more than a group of potential harlets intended to provide potential sex partners for government officials. They do not appear to need any special qualifications for the job. Since I KNOW it must be a requirement that background checks are done on them, seeing as where they are "working", one has to wonder if a pension for promiscuity would (in a security area) would reasonably be reason for concern in having them work so closely with leaders and decision makers. In other words, they would be more likely to get government officials into a position where they could be blackmailed. I'm beginning to wonder if they were not picked because of their promiscuity, in order to set up democratic officials that "bit". Lost in the hoopala over Clinton is the fact that Monica bragged to an ex-lover (whom she had stalked) that she was going to "get" Clinton. Every time a Democrat starts to stand up and oppose the repugs, out comes a scandal. Blackmail and coercion appear to be just one of the many things the repugs are using to get their agenda across

-- Cherri (jessam6@home.com), August 07, 2001


There wouldn't be any scandals, Cherri...

...if both Democrat and Republican elected officials learned to keep their damn pants ZIPPED!


-- Craig Miller (cmiller@ssd.com), August 14, 2001.

You've got that 100% right!

-- Cherri (jessam6@home.com), August 16, 2001.

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