I want to get strong and cut and still want to loose that extra fat how do I do this correctly?

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I'm 14 and I bench 135. I guess I'm doing ok for a begginer. But my focus now is to look good also, cause I have the muscle I just have to let it show by getting rid of the extra fat on my shoulders and stomach and my chest. Please help me I've tried every thing. I also play football so I need to stay strong and cut. well plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me a few tips. thanks if so give me a routine or a diet to follow.

-- Damon Bailey (hot_boy_95@hotmail.com), August 07, 2001


you are still young so try to do lots of cardo. stay away from oils and salts. stick to a high protein diet.

-- toby (queenpaddy@att.net), August 12, 2001.

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