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Still having a hard time finding Filter Size,(thread size) for my old 180mm lens. I would replace it with a newer version, but it takes,to my eyes), good photos. B&H very helpful, but their Leica Books give no answer, and the 72mm I have is a "throw fit", in British Engineering Terms, i.e. loose as L! I guess it's a 77mm thread. Also,the bushing on the Lens Barrel is a Continental Thread, does anyone know if this is an insert, or must I send the Lens in to someone to get it tapped? Who would you recommend? Apologizing to all for what must seem to be stupid questions, but the smaller towns in Florida are bereft of any sort of Leica knowledge. B&W Film,haven't stocked it in ages!! Pete H.

-- Pete Harvey (, August 07, 2001


Pete, Lenses with s/n through 2939700 took a Series 8 filter. The internal thread size was M72x0.75 (72mm x 0.75mm) You can get 72 to 77 step up adaptors or 72 to 67 step down adaptors. B+W make them as well as others.

You could also try to find the Series 8 ring that fits this lens.

Good Luck.

-- Bud (, August 07, 2001.

The tripod thread adapter is a common item. If you can t find it locally send an e-mail to and Dave Elwell will help you out.

-- Doug Herr (, August 07, 2001.

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