Was Poe manic-depressive?

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In my research, one source said that Poe suffered from bipolar disorder. Is this true or just a rumour?

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2001


hell yes he was soo sooky p.s. i love you

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2001

I need to know if there is any true evidence, such as a doctor's write-up on him or something that would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was definatley prove that he was bi-polar. I need an answer A.S.A.P.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2001

Kay Redfield Jamison's "Touched With Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament" makes a compelling case for a relationship between the disorder and the lives and creativity of many great artists in history, among them EAP. It's a very interesting read.

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2001

Read "Manic Depression and Creativity" by D. Jablow Hershman and Julian Lieb, M.D. .. lots of good information about creative geniuses and manic-depressive disorder. Also included are bits of information about bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2002

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