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My friend got me a burnt vcd that has 2 cds. One works fine, but the other one has no sound. Would this problem have been caused during the burning process (I know nothing about burning cds), or is it something I can fix? There is sound right at the start during one of those dolby digital sound clips, but during the movie there is nothing. The vcd player I use is one that was on the cd (at the start it says Roxio).

-- Julia Smith (, August 07, 2001



I think your friend might had disabled the audio whilst encoding to vcd. Other than that i cant seem to think of any other reason.

-- sharky (, August 07, 2001.

Hi Julia, My guess is your friend botched the burn on the VCD with the problem. It most likely can not be fixed. To check this, place the problem VCD in a PC and using Windows Media Player, go to the MPEGAV directory. Your video files will be in this directory. If you have trouble playing them and don't get sound, the VCD burn was botched. Try doing this with the VCD that works first so you will be able to compare results to the problem VCD. If the problem VCD video plays fine and there is no sound, you'll have to get your friend to burn another VCD. Your friend should also check the source VCD he/she has to make sure it does not have a problem.

-- Jason (, August 07, 2001.

My friend has just borrowed a VCD off another friend. It plays video and audio fine in my PC and DVD player, the video fine in his modified PsOne but there is no audio, yet lots of other films work in his PsOne. Any suggestions ??

-- Ray Rigby (, December 12, 2001.

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