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I have read quite a bit about how the new Tmax readyloads don't work in the fuji holder. I had read in one of the threads about how it might work if one exposes the film and then removes the holder, pushes the plate in allowing the film to slide out. Though this person then experienced light leaks... Well, as my double readyload supply was down to three, I saw they finally got some singles in at B&H so I ordered two boxes. I figured if they did not work I would just load my own holders and keep the readyloads for the new Kodak holder if it ever comes. The film arrived and I took it out of the pack. It looked almost identical to the fuji quickload but it felt a bit thinner. I set up my camera in the room and inserted the film. It slid in perfectly. I slid the holder away from the film just fine and pushed it back in the same. It seemed to seat well. I slid the release lever, held it, and slid the film and the packet right out just fine. Where was the problems I had read about? Well, I did this a few more times with the same piece of film. I then went out this past weekend and took some shots with that readyload and a few others. I developed them today and they are all fine. No light leaks, nothing. I took out a velvia quickload today and a tmax readyload and measured some packet dimensions with a micrometer. The metal clips are the same length and width and the thickness of the packet where the white strip is is virtually the same. (the tmax is .25mm thinner. The packet is the same width, the white strip is the same length and width. So by the measurements the tmax should work in the fuji holder, and in mine it does (so far!) Did kodak just change something on the packet?

-- michael kwiatkowski (, August 07, 2001


Maybe Kodak did make changes. Perhaps that's why it has taken so long for the next shipment of film to come in?

-- Sal Santamaura (, August 07, 2001.

I have just started using the new single sheet readyloads (T-Max 100) in my Fuji Quickload holder with no problems. I am very happy with the results. Scott

-- Scott Squires (, August 08, 2001.

I wonder if that means they will work in Polaroid holders also?

-- Josh Root (, August 10, 2001.

Last time I looked, Kodak actually says they'll work in the Polaroid 545 holder.

-- mike rosenlof (, August 11, 2001.

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