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Will there be a quality loss if the mpeg I encoded in TMPGEnc is used in Ulead video studio for editing then for VCD recording.

-- Ronnie (, August 06, 2001


I doubt it, but VCD quality is fairly poor to begin with. I can tell you that Ulead Video Studio really sucks, in my opinion, and you would be better served to get a REAL editor. I highly recommend MPG2VCR ( The MPEG-1 only version is pretty cheap and is tons better than Ulead Video Studio. I'm amazed that anyone can get anything useful out of Ulead Video Studio as I think it's little more than a toy. ATI gives it away for free with their capture cards, so that should tell you how great it is. If you go to, you can see an old web page where the author talks about using another MPEG-1 editor, so you do have options here other than Ulead. I can guarantee you that if you use MPG2VCR that you will definitely not suffer any quality loss.

-- Jason (, August 07, 2001.

Here's a good website to check if you're interested in SVCD/VCD authoring and the SVCD Forum at

I edit and render my final cut using Ulead editor (AVI, uncompressed, 352 x 240) and then plug the resulting AVI file in the TMPGEnc app to render the final MPEG file suitable for SVCD or VCD. TMPGEnc has so far given me the best results out of the rest out there. The quality of your material will depend on how it was originally captured. I use a DVCam and capture using a firewire interface. To relieve the application from re-converting film resolution/size, I capture the clips using 352 x 240 right from the beggining (DV format or AVI Uncompressed). I use EZ Creator 4.0 for burning the movie with no problems. For some reason, the movie has a better quality when played using my friend's DVD player. I guess diff't DVD player brand play an important factor also - I'm not sure coz I have not done any compatibility tests with more players.

Anyway, make sure you have a large and faster (SCSI or ATA100 7200 RPM) hard drive for your video editing storage. Good luck at hope this e-mail helps. I wish I can help more but I'm just a begginer with some luck with video editing.

-- Gerry (, August 09, 2001.

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