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I am loving my new Seal 210M and doing all the usual dry mounting activities. It dawned on me that the press could also be used for laminating pieces of paper in plastic like one can do at a local copy shop. I have found this helpful for pieces of paper with darkroom formulas etc. so that they don't get wet or bent. I also want to laminate smaller pieces to carry info on bellows factors, filter factors etc. in my photo vest.

Has anybody used their press for this and if so, what materials should I use? My local copy shop uses 5 mil thickness. What temperature to use? Where to get the right materials?

Thanks for any help on this odd request. My next goal is to start ironing my shirts in the crazy thing!


-- Scott Jones (, August 06, 2001


Sure. Check out the Thermashield products made by Seal.

-- Alec (, August 07, 2001.

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