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In the last couple of months things have happened such as a little boy who arm was bitten off by a shark surviving the attack. Do you see this and other news items as miracles of God?

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2001


In my own life and around me I see miracles. The pastor welding a chin saw to clear the land for a new additon to his church making little progress with contractors arriving the next day see a young man sitting and watching him. Three hour latter the lumber Jack from Wahington State decided on the spur of them oment to vist his friend who lived in an apartment overlooking the church has cleared the entire lot. The young man praying for a miricale to take his girlfiend out to dinner but has no money. Stops and prays and when he opens his eyes he's standing on a twenty dollar bill.

God has never stop preforming miracels. We have become so scientific that we try to explain everthing with it. if the clark Sisters can sing about looking for one I'm sure you can find one if you believe.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2001

The lumberjack I can handle. The boyfriend needed to find out who the twenty dollar bill belonged. Thjis was a test of his and his girlfriends honesty. They both failed. Or the miracle was that God was trying to tell him that she was not the one, or he was not the one. Blessings

Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2001

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