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hi ,i wonder if you can help .my mother has terrible headaches and she just cant get them to go away.she has tried pain killers but she does not like taking tablets at the best of the time so its a struggle to get her to take them.but she says there not helping.but she does like the more natural remedies.could you tell me what to get her.and how she takes it as i really want to help her. pleaseeeee. she has been for x rays and everything is ok there. thanks for your time................jim.......

-- jim ogilvie (, August 05, 2001


Hi Jim,

Sorry for the delay in reply, but I'd forgot to switch on my alert! I have found homeopathy quite useful for headaches such as you describe in your mother - but I would need to take a full case before I could say more. Find a good local homeopath and book an appointment and give it a go........Sue

-- Sue Young (, August 30, 2001.

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