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WASHINGTON - Computer security experts have issued another warning about a worm that's spreading itself over the Internet.

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INDEPTH: Code Red worm

Dubbed "Code Red 2," it's a different strain of the original infection that prompted alerts last month. This new version of the worm first appeared on the weekend.

Code Red 2 doesn't just paralyse Web sites, however, by overloading them with requests referred to as a "denial-of-service attack." It can also leave certain computers vulnerable to unauthorized access later on.

Web sites that have already taken precautions against Code Red appear to be safe against the new strain, experts said Sunday.

Governments, businesses, and anyone else managing Web sites that use "Internet Information Services" software on Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 operating systems have been advised to download protection from the software giant.

FROM AUG. 1, 2001: Web traffic normal after Code Red deadline

People who use Windows 95, 98 or ME on home computers, or who have Macintosh or Unix-based systems, are not susceptible to attack by either Code Red worm.

-- Rachel Gibson (, August 05, 2001

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