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I am looking for a sync cord for my AE1p. I have a 577G flash, but have not been able to locate a sync cord. I have scoured the internet for this thing. I believe the Canon number is G100, or perhaps G20. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

-- Kevin Kennedy (, August 05, 2001


Hi Kevin,

The 577G does use either the G20 or G100 sensor. It is more than a sync cord. It is a hot shoe piece that contains the phototransistor sensor that allows automatic flash exposure. The G20 has a straight cord about eight inches long, the G100 has a coiled cord that stretches to about three feet to allow the flash to leave the camera and bracket. Each sensor also has a connection for the Canon Synchro Cord A, which plugs into the PC socket on the camera. I believe-- don't quote me, I've never tried it--that you can fire the 577G with a PC cord plugged into the PC connector under the flash head, without automatic exposure. The cords appear rarely on Ebay. I haven't see but two on camera store websites in the last year. Best of luck!

-- Alan Swartz (, August 06, 2001.

Hi Kevin, there is one for sale on eBay right now from Henry's (a good shop).

Good luck,


-- Roger Clark (, August 30, 2001.

There is another one for sale on eBay right now:

Good luck,


-- Roger Clark (, October 04, 2001.

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