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I'm writing all over the message boards and stuff, so why not here too? Ok this is my formal, bye and if you don't give me your e-mails so i never see you again i'll be very annoyed at you. I love you all so very much. *waaaaa* ok I'll stop bothing you now.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2001


I will miss you all very much as i regret that i am leaving summerstage after fivw wonderful years of growing, and maturing, not only as a performer, but also as a person. I plan to continue on to (hopefully) intern at summerstage, and audition for mainstage and harmony. I'd like to thank all the directors i've had, MR, Mr, Trobridge & Mr.Gentless, and Mr. Fiscella & Mr. Brett.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2001

Jesus you guys are depressing... you know you'll all see your friends again n stuff so y ruin the rest of your summer missing every1? :) cya lata

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2001

Well, not to be mean, but when ur with a program for 5 great years and have met so many wonderful ppl and hav changed as a person due to the things uve learned with that program and then u cant continue on with it anymore, its a lil sad......yea we mite see our friends we've made there again but wat if we dont?? i want to continue on with Mainstage and hopefully Harmony and if i somehow dont get the oppurtunity to do that or to intern with SS next year i mite not see them again. thats y the ppl that are leaving after being with it so long are saying their goodbyes, but dont say its depressing cuz its really not,even tho we're saying 'goodbye' its a happy goodbye.....thanx so much for everything SS!! love always,

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2001

Yeah I understand and all, I've been in SS for three years. I was just tryin to not be all sad and stuff. Cuz if your sad and everybody around you is sad things are kinda sucky. =P stay sweet!

-- Anonymous, September 02, 2001

Im realy looking forward to this year. Seeing everyone again, well almost everyone. Its ashame not everyone is coming back next year. I miss everyone dearly and i try to see everyone at almost every chance i get. I.E. triton's drama productions, timber creek's drama productions, highland's drama productions. It's amazing to see how mature everyone has gotten. I can't wait for this summer. Didn't I say that already? Who cares??! Hope to see you all this summer. Love you all. Anyone from Wizard Of Oz cast e-mail me please. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2002

heyy if any 1 wants to no chestnut ridge middle school is havin out play next week thursday april 25, fri 26, sat 27, its damn yankees and all the shows are at 7! come and see us we might actually do well!

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

Yeah! Go Chestnut Ridge!!! My old school....and the show actually did turn out to be great! Congratulations, everyone!

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2002

Summerstage is great this year. Im soooo glad i joined. . hey to all of my friendz. . .rach megan my sis (stef) KC Keira and every1 else at ss 2002!!!

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2002

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