Loading 4x5 film onto a jobo 4x5 reel.

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Having browsed the archives I've seen that alot of people are using the jobo 2500 series tanks with the 4x5 reels... Anyway I can use trays sometimes, but other times tank dev is very convinient for me. But ... I digress, I've picked up a jobo 2501 tank and a reel. My question - how are people loading this fellow - I've loaded more rolls of 35mm than I care to remeber, but playing around with this tank it seems to be slightly tricky to load 6 sheets, getting them all in the right spot, no finger prints, and no bend sheets etc... Does everyone use the _very_ expensive jobo loader, or is there a trick that I'm missing - advice apreciated. I've had best success loading from the inside out, however that can make loading the outside two sheets harder ??? Thanks in advance ...


-- James Pierce (j.pierce@bigpond.com), August 04, 2001


I place the reel so that it can roll. I feel with my fingers to see what direction the slots go. I then position the reel so I can slide the film in with my right hand. I place the film on the edge of the reel and move it backward. As I do so, I can feel the film drop into each possible slot. Once I feel it hit the opening for the slot I want, I slide it in. I use a finger of my left hand to help guide it around the reel by using it to create a slight bend in the film that corresponds with the curve in the reel. It's possible to do this by touching only the edge.

I load from the inside out, and I typically do 4 sheets per reel.

As always, practice with your eyes open first.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


-- Dave Willis (willisd@medicine.wustl.edu), August 04, 2001.


Dave's method is much like mine. I have the loader, but I used a changing bag for so long that I prefer to do it manually (although Jobo says it can't be done). The primary difference is that I load six sheets to the reel, and I find that I can hear the film as it snaps from one slot to another. I always load the innermost slots first, then the middle slots, and finally the outer ones. Use your fingertips to check film separation on both ends before you put the reel in the tank.


-- Anthony J. Kohler (arbitrator@uneedspeed.net), August 04, 2001.

Hi James. I don't use the loader. Unlike the previous responses, I load from the outside in. I let my thumb and pointer finger be my guide for where the film must enter the reel. The biggest problem I had when first starting out was film not going in parallel to the guides in the reel. It would get stuck. Once I figured out what was happening (practice in the light)I quickly found a solution. I just move the film from side to side when it gets stuck, while gently pushing until it begins to go in again. I would practice in the light a bit and not attempt 6 sheets until you have four working well. Good luck. Paul

-- Paul Mongillo (pmongillo@thurston.com), August 06, 2001.

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