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A growing phenonmenon in the church that of husband and wife ministerial teams. My wife and I are currently pastoring seperate charges; however, our desire to to pastor together. If you are part of a husband and wife pastoring team, please share concerning how you divide duties and your successes or failures. God Bless!

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2001



I think you should pastor separate charges. At least someone had the ability to recognize you both as being capable pastors. Personally, I get tired of seeing women preachers take a back seat to their husbands as co- or assistant pastors which basically means unpaid, unrecognized, and unfulfilled. What you could do, of course, is visit each other's churches often enough to appear to pastor both charges together of ask someone to demote one of you (Why don't you volunteer to serve as the assistant to your wife?) Both of you have gifts and can possibly be used in different locations in the church. Just try to enjoy yourselves pastoring, praying, and worshipping God separately and together, and I think you'll both have wonderful outcomes at your churches.

Bye Bye,

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2001

Hi Pastor,

I just wanted to make a correction. That is, "OR ask someone to demote one of you....


-- Anonymous, August 03, 2001

I must agree with Reverend Stocker on this one. Also, I have never known a Bishop to assign two pastors to the same charge. Therefore, it would seem to me that whatever we call them, only one of them is Pastor and the other is simply an Associate Minister. If each is an Itinerant Elder, it would make better sense to me that they should seek separate appointments so that the full benefit of their God- given talent might be known and express.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2001

I believe the idea of joint pastorates is a good one. Even though there is only one pastor, we all have various giftings. The fact that a husband and wife team might serve the same congregation could be good. We must recognize that not all are called to the pastoral ministry but this does not mean that we are not called to the ordained ministry.

I wish you the best in however God chooses to use you. It's all about the Kingdom and that is bigger than the church!

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2001

Co-Pastoring works well in other denominations such as presbyterian, lutheran and episcopal. I remember when I was in seminary many of the married couples only applied for positions where they could co-pastor. Co pastoring does not mean one person is relegated to associate pastor, it means both ministers sharing the gifts of God with your congregation. For example at one of the presbyterian churches in my town they have co-pastors. They pastors alternate preaching on sundays. And split the duties of being in the office. It works well for that church. I think it is wonderful that both of you are serving God, for I am sure it strengthens your marriage. Keep praying to God about his plan for you. Keep up the good work you are needed in this denomination.

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2001

Praise the Lord for this discussion. I am a female, senior pastor for 11 years and my husband serves with me. He does not feel that God has called him to serve a separate charge. Our view is that God called the family before the church. We are co-pastor's without it being recognized by the church, but it is recognized by God. What God orders has more value than what man declares. Since the divorce rate among clergy families is on the rise, we need to focus on family ministries. What better model for other families than for a husband and wife teams in the church. Your gifts will make room for you. It is the role of the Pastor and Steward Board to provide for the other ministers. I am working with our church leadership to provide a salary to those heading various components of the church. The real problem is that our churches have only been condition to paying just the pastor. You have to pay for what you want.These types of things should be built in the budget. We should not get hung up on whether it is male or female, but on what is that God's wants. God will always do the elevation. the leadership continues to ask my husband about pastoring and he continues to decline, he feels sure that God wants us to be together and so do I. If at some point, He does Pastor, then I will serve with him. To us it does not matter who is the pastor. My husband has been my greatest supporter and encourager to serve as Pastor. I am grateful to God to my soul mate and helper. We work together as God has intended for us in the beginning. Sin came into the life of Adam and Eve and we have been in a power struggle ever since.

Let God lead you. Let go and let God!

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2001

I truly believe that married couples in ministry should not accept separate charges. The responsibility of pastoring a charge is awesome and very time consuming and if the charges are not full time then there is the issue of jobs and of course children. God has called us to be families but many of the bishops are chauvinistic and many of our churches believe there can only be one head. They are correct the head is Christ. We can have two undershepherds especially when they have a bond of matrimony and a commitment to Christ.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2001

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