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Hi there, I am looking to buy a s/h enlarger for B & W that will cover 5X4 down to 35mm. I have seen a couple of private adverts for De Vere 5X4 enlargers which appear to pre-date the 504. Both have cold cathode heads and various glass and glassless mounts. I have to travel a bit to see either and wondered whether 1) there are any resources for De Vere enlargers that might enable me to get a feel for look/style before travelling or whether there are any views on whether I should touch these at all. Prices are a bit variable - 200 to 300 ukp including some extra bits and lenses. I would look to replace my current enlarger rather than have 2 !



-- David Tolcher (davidjt@btinternet.com), August 03, 2001


Hi Dave,

this information may be helpfull:

www.odyssey-sales.com/de_vere.html - DeVere producer in UK,(new/used) www.mrcad.co.uk - (used), may contain some pic.

Odyssey-Sales has service dep. It's the best sourse of any tech. infromation. Contact person Mr.James. I purched DeVere 203 (10years EX+) from Odyssey-Sales here in EU. I have been informed that old (2x3) models has a different lifting mechanism. New 504/203 models exelect professional enlargers. Note in respect of cold light according to information from Odyssey, Aristo adapt new VC cathode for 504 model.

Best regards, Valery

-- Valery Axenov (bene_usa@waw.pdi.net), August 04, 2001.

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