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If i want to take or attempt to take some pageant pictures of my kids (really clsoe headshots) Can you give me an idea of 1: how far i should stand from them 2:I got 800 speed film is this ok? 3: I have a flash by vivitar it is the kid you can angle right at them or slanted or straight up which way should it be pointed ? 4:and do i need a light aimed at the back ground? 5:Do i need any more lights and where and how placed? 6:do i need any reflectors? 7:what can i use and where? My camera is a canon t50 and my lens is a focal tele portait 135 mm 2:8 lens.I know this probably isnt as well as the ones you all use but i am a mother with a very limited income and want to help them out with something they like to do.So please if any one can answer any of my questions help....Thanks

-- stacey (, August 03, 2001


Here goes.... As to how far back to stand, you have a good lens there- 135mm- for close head shots, and the lens will dictate the distance, as you look through and compose your picture.

800 speed film is not ideal. If you were using the camera in low light without flash it would be, but not otherwise. It will not flatter your childrens' compexions or the colours of their outfits. Get 200 or 400 speed film and see far better results.

Your flash will be most powerful but least flattering pointed straight at your children. If you can bounce the flash off a white ceiling or white wall or similar surface the outcome will look better. This will also help the more even illumination of your background- don't stand the children too near a wall or background though, or it might be too obtrusive in the final photo.

Hope that helps JIM

-- Jim Cross (, August 15, 2001.

Stacey- a word of warning- the 'glamour' word used re. photographs, certainly here in the UK, means the sort of image you get in Playboy...

Given that I know you don't mean that, but you are discussing images of children, I thought you might want to be aware of that!

Cheers JIM

-- Jim Cross (, August 18, 2001.

who cares? if you cant offord to bring them to a place to get REAL pictures done, dont put them in pageants.

-- ashley (, January 14, 2002.

Hey, everyone, that stacey woman, who Im guessing is a growen woman, emailed me, and was very rude. Saying I didn't know what i was talking about and all that stuff. At frist, I wasn't tring to be rude, but pageants and the pictures are VERY expensive, and usually you don't get high in the photo contest and stuff because the judges can kind of tell, now, some contest don't care wether it's home taken or not, but STILL, some do, and of course you want your child to be the winner, or else Stacey or other mom's wouldn't go through this time. I wasn't tring to be rude, but this lady flipped her own lid...beware, don't answer her she's EXTREAMLY rude, and if anyone if going to be rude to me, I'll be rude back. She does NOT act like a adult, she act's like a little ten year old with corny "comebacks". Bye!

-- Ashley (, January 14, 2002.

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