What happens after general and annual conference?

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Many of you have shared how much you enjoyed general and annual conferences. There was networking, sharing of ideas, the movement of the Holy Spirit etc. How do we continue the momentum going on the local levels in our churches? What are your thoughts?

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2001


Your reference to life after General and Annual Conferences is most refreshing. The challenge in my opinion rest with the ability of the clergy and laity to return to their respective congregations and begin a process of contextually responding to the move of God's Spirit in their vineyard. Some times I believe we try to hard to be to much alike in our practice of ministry not recognising that as people and fellowships we are different. i think the same applies for our expectations of the clergy. We all bring different gifts and talents to the ministry. We need to give attention to how we should best employ what we have.

I belive that each congregation has within its midst what it requires to accomplish its objective for God. We need to reach up, reach in and than reach out for God.

Life after Conference should be followed with a committment to service. We need to recognise that service is not competition. During my last annual conference report, I informed some of my members that the attitude of the conference appeared more receptive to receive lies than the truth. we some times create the wrong atmosphere during these meetings...and when we do, we should not be surprised with the outgrowth during the course of the year. Lets make our focus one of Christian service to the glory of God.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2001

Dr. Santucci, it is always good to hear from you. This monday I will be leaving for my first AME annual conference. My daughter our religious education director will accompany me. I am in the Pacific Northwest conference. My prayers are that the seeds that the Holy spirit will plant at annual conference will bear fruit in my town. I live in a farming and ranching community, so sowing, planting and harvesting is very much the mindset of my town and state. Scripture speaks to us about the large harvest and the difficulty of getting laborors. There is no greater reward or glory than to introduce someone to Jesus Christ and to see the transformation in their lives. Our Dean of Examiners Rev. Dr. Cleveland Williams came to worship with my church last Sunday. It was fun to watch the congregation. One of the muscians came up to me and said he had a large revival tent at home and he and the director of evangelism had made plans to go to the indian reservations in our state, in the next couple of months to do music and they had signed me up. 3 other members are doing a christian poetry ministry and making a CD to spread the good news. I get excited to see the empowerment of laity. I am so blessed to be in a conference and to have a Bishop who encourages these activities. I will ask God to keep my heart that of a "servants heart" for that is what Jesus Christ did. Thank you for responding to this question and hearing your insights.

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2001

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