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I recently purchased an old F1 (originial style) w/ an FD 1:4 SCC lens. The first 4 rolls were perfect. The next 4 rolls had a white streak across half of the picture - approx. 20 frames per roll had this. I've experimented and found that shooting into or almost into the sun will do this - although it has appeared even on overcast days. I've spotted what appears to be a smudge on the lens, but it seems to be inside the glass itself. Could this "smudge" cast such a white streak? ...or is it possibly w/ the camera itself?

Thanks for any help.


-- ken Emanuel (, August 02, 2001


It sounds like a light leak. The light seals normally deteriorate and need to be replaced periodically. It's not an expensive repair.

-- David Goldfarb (, August 02, 2001.

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