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Just picked up a Schneider Super-Angulon 65mm f8 (with the chrome front barrel) in a compur 0 shutter. While the comments in the archive give varying assessments of this optic, it was cheap and pristine and the small size (49mm filter thread!) suits me, so I bought it.

The odd thing however is the board it was mounted on - it's a Sinar board with a cunning gizmo which looks like a shutter release for setting the aperture from behind. Furthermore, the usual white writing around the front also has "SINAR" in green.

My question is, was the only difference between this and a normal SA the extra little tab to engage the aperture ring with the remote control or is there something about the design that might make it unsuitable on a normal lens-board?

Finally, I notice that alongside the "X" and "M" settings for flash synch, there's also a "V" - which appears to be a self-timer setting. Was this a common feature on older lenses?

-- Stuart Whatling (, August 02, 2001


Oops - scrub the bit about Compur 0 - it's actually even smaller. The lens panel hole is approx 26mm - is that 00 ?

-- Stuart Whatling (, August 02, 2001.

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