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Please help me I have a t 50 camera my dad gave me with no manual so i wanted to take closr up portraits of my kids for an upcoming photo contest and won a lens on ebay it said for use with canon t series but it will not go on .So i thought i needed a t mount abd ordered one now someone told me my lens was for minolta im so confused.The lens i have is calledvivitar close focusing auto zoom the numbers onit says22760931 it is a 75-205 58 mmDid i mess up or is the a mount or something that will connect this to my camera?Stacey please help.

-- stacey (, August 01, 2001


The "T mount" has nothing to to with the Canon T-series. A T-mount is an interchangeable mount that is used to adapt T-mount lenses to various cameras (including Canon, but many others as well).

If the Vivitar is an FD mount lens (it usually will say "C/FD" on the mount), then it should work with the T-50. If the Vivitar is a T-mount lens (if it is, it's probably pretty old), then you can unscrew the Minolta mount and replace it with the Canon FD T-mount you ordered. If the Vivitar has a fixed Minolta mount, it will not work.

-- David Goldfarb (, August 02, 2001.

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