Dissertation - Do SDWTs improve productivity and job satisfaction?

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PhD Research Topic: Do self-directed process-based work teams improve productivity and job satisfaction compared to traditional function-based departmental structures?

I am looking for scholarly research methodologies and testing instruments to longitudinally measure a sample's self-reported productivity and job satisfaction. The sample population provides customers with network design and implementation services, i.e. pre-sale engineering and quotations, post-sale project engineering, and program management. An initial measurement will be made while the sample is organized in three function-based departments. The sample will be reorganized into five self-directed process-based work teams, allowed to function for one year, then remeasured to assess the differences.

I believe this study could contribute to our collective body of knowledge about the effects of teams versus departments.

Thanks, Mike Engle, PhD Student

-- Mike Engle (mcengle@alltel.net), August 01, 2001

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