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I have a Zone VI heavy duty wooden tripod. The original use was for my 8"x10" Deardorff. I now would like to use the tripod in the studio for portraits on my 5"x7" Wisner. I would like to find some type of base that would allow the tripod to roll around the floor yet be able to lock in place. I could always build some type of dolly from plywood. If there is something out there for a reasonable price that would be better. Maybe some of you have tried this before.Any thoughts?

-- Bruce E. Rathbun (, August 01, 2001


Bruce: I mounted a heavy duty Bogen tripod with a 8x10 Calumet C-1 on a triangular shaped piece of 3/4 plywood and three heavy-duty locking casters. The plywood has three L-shaped pieces of 1x2 at the corners to secure the tripod legs. It works well and looks fine if you finish it appropriately. The plywood tray is also useful storage space for darkcloths, etc. I wanted to purchase a heavy duty Bogen tripod dolley but I could not quite justify the price (about $150 at B&H, I think). You might also look at the option of casters which mount directly to the tripod. I would check to see if the Zone VI has removable spiked feet. If it does, you might be able to find casters with a thread count to match the threaded insert in the tripod leg. I hope this helps.


-- Dave Willison (, August 02, 2001.

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