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I have bought a copy of my wedding video on a VCD but it won't play in my Sony S336 DVD player. Any ideas? On my computer I need to open windows media player and then open the .dat files and they will play. I have Easy CD creater, and have tried to copy the files over onto a CD-RW but with no joy.

-- Neil Tomlinson (, August 01, 2001


Sony's are notorious for not supporting CD-R media, so no doubt that's why it won't play. Try to make an exact copy of your VCD to CD-RW and you might find it will play. I can personally verify that Sony brand CD-RW discs will work in Sony DVD players. Other CD-RW brands will also work, but I can only say that I know Sony brand works. Prime Peripherals brand CD-R will also work on Sony DVD players. I can also verify this. If you live in the US, either Office Max or Office Depot (I forgot which) sell this brand. You might find the DVD player compatibility list at to be of use. I have no idea how to get Easy CD Creator to make an exact copy of your VCD, but if you're trying something like drag and drop to make it, that probably won't work. Nero ( can be easily used to make an exact copy. You could just get a demo copy and use it to make your copy before it expires.

-- Jason (, August 01, 2001.

I created my own VCD and burnt it into imation CD-RW and it work on my Sony DVD player (DVP-C660).

-- Arya (, August 02, 2001.

vivastar brand CD-R's work with most sony dvd players. I have a s336 like you and my 700mb vivastar CD-R's work fine.

-- cfriel (, February 16, 2002.

iv tryed memorex CD-RW and thay dont work in my sony DVP-S336 and its realy pissing me of sony CD-R's dont work eather.

-- jason nattrass (, August 31, 2003.

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