WHO'S tHE SIllIest GOose?

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Ok, cacophoners, I think you're all funny. I want responses showing me why this is or isn't just so. In other words, in all of your holy crusades against anything not silly have you found that even that is not silly or are the drugs too strong for it to ever be not silly?

-- Kazbar of planet 9 (malrauxman@yahoo.com), July 31, 2001


I YAM!!!!

-- dork (yahoo@yahoo.com), August 01, 2001.
I think the drugs today make it silly if done in the right mind set if you are with a bunch of naked women in a massive 100+ orgy in a pool full of crushed bannanas and whip cream out of your mind on E everybody orgasaming all at once with bannanas and whip cream everywhere in you and on you along with fingers and toungues and toes and holy shit I gotta go.....................

-- Red Bone (clishy@hotmail.com), November 21, 2001.

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