I love my A.M.E family so much!!!!!

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I give God the praise and the glory for he has brought me from a mighty long way! I just want all of you to know how much I LOVE YOU! I have been on this discussion board for a year! And I have made such wonderful friends around the world. It has been lonely here in Montana. For my work usually includes crisis intervention. Whether it is violence in rural schools or dealing with white supremacists groups. I have been honored that God trusts me with such a powerful assignment! I got to the A.M.E denomination because the churches in my town were so racists that I would take a greyhound bus and travel 350 miles to worship at an A.M.E church in billings, montana. Some thought I was crazy, but I see now God was bringing me to the A.M.E church. I would post on this discussion board and all of you would greet me with love and encouragement. God has been there every step of the way. And there are so many people in this town who have not been welcomed in the rich churches. And so they come to my church, african-american, white, mexican, immigrants, african, hawaiian, and bi-racial. Even a 65 year old blind woman who had never been baptised and on May 13th this wonderful loving woman was baptised. She had gone to church once in her 20's and the people in the church made fun of her dress because it wasn't fancy. She grew up on a farm family. Next week if God and our Bishop is willing, we will be an A.M.E church. I have shared with the congregation the great things that all of you do in your church. My sisters and brothers in Christ do not be discouraged for God is using our denomination in ways we cannot even imagine. Nurture, love and encourage one another. For I do believe God is calling the A.M.E church to be his advance team to bring salvation to all people in this world. Thank you, thank you for showing me the love, tenacity, and spirit of the A.M.E church for you give me strength! Joy in Christ.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001


We will continue to pray for you from here in Canada.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001

Reverend Rogers,

Were those United Methodist churches that were so racist that you had to travel 350 mile to attend church? If so, what does the connectional United Methodist Church have to say about this?

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2001

To my canadian family thank you for your prayers. And I hope to visit some of our churches in Canada for Canada borders my state of Montana. At least someone else knows about long cold winters:-) And to Rev. Stocker racism exists in many churches. It does not matter to me what human powers think or plan; for God's plan is always greater! My heart is filled with love and forgiveness. Richard Allen is very dear to me for my experience was similar to his. And out of that experience I have stayed in Montana to start a human rights organization. Please see our web page http://www.gomontana.com/hatfree I have tremendous love for the United Methodist church for they introduced me to God when I was 16. The United Methodist continue to work on issues of racism. But there are still christians in churches who harbor racism. We cannot hold a denomination responsible for the actions of a few. The churches I was referring were other denominations. When God calls us to serve it is always with the understanding that he will protect us. But Jesus our Lord and Savior tells us that to follow him will mean persecution also. I live in a state that is 98 percent white, ranks no.1 for white supremacist activity, and is the home of the World Church of the Creator the most violent white supremacist group in the country. They will know us by our love! For that is the power of Jesus Christ. I am blessed to be a foot soldier in the army of the Lord here in Montana. By the way when the KKK was headquartered in Butte Montana, 1900-1920 an A.M.E church was planted there. We have always dealt with racism with love, dignity, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2001

Oops I realized I typed the wrong web address for my human rights organization. Montana Hate Free Zone http://www.gomontana.com/hatefree

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2001

To my A.M.E family today at 4:55 PM (mountain time)my daughter and I leave Montana to go to Tacoma, Washington for annual conference. Yahoo!! God is so good!! Thank you all who have sent me private messages, thank you all for your prayers and love. And if you hear thunder and laughter, it is the angels laughing with me as I do my A.M.E victory dance for God at annual conference!! My daughter and I will be on the greyhound bus for 17 hrs. I am so excited to think of the christians we will meet and also those who do not know God that we will meet on the bus. What a wonderful opportunity to evangelize and tell people about the A.M.E church. I will miss all of you and will be praying for you. When I meet Bishop Bryant I will tell him of the love and support from this discussion board that I have received. Here is my prayer for all that read this discussion board.

"Loving, forgiving, generous Heavenly father, we praise you and honor you for all that you do for us, we thank you that you continue to send your son and the holy spirit to us, even when we have forgotten you at times. Dear lord I lift up to you all that read this discussion board, whether they post or not. Give them healing, abundance, and a renewed faith in you! Precious God I pray for all of their family members, their bosses and all that they may encounter. I pray they will be freed from worry about money and other earthly things that may block them from relying only on you. Father God let there be no dissent in the body of Christ, let us love one another, and encourage one another. God our creator I petition you to touch the A.M.E church in new and wonderous ways, let there be new churches, new growth, sharing of wealth and let our eyes only see Jesus Christ. I ask your protection on all who come to this board both near and far and I especially ask your annointing on the very righteous Rev. John Fisher and his beloved Sister Jan Fisher. I thank you in advance for what you are about to do for the A.M.E family of God!! Amen"

Take care of yourselves, and I will miss each and everyone one of you.

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2001

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