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Hi Everybody,

The subject line says it all. How did you place your new students this semester? In Querétaro, we used Michigan's English Placement Test (EPT) again. We also asked all new students to take Michigan's Test of English Language Placement (MTELP) as well. We now have statistics to see the correlation between those two exams.

Best wishes.


-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001


Hi Erlyn,

In Mazatlán we used a practice TOEFL for both Prepa and Profesional. Next year, we will use the SLEP or Michigan Test to place students in Prepa. Best regards. Bye, bye.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2001

Hello everyone, In Toluca, we used TOEFL as well, both for Prepa & Profesional, then again what we've been doing for the last couple of semesters, is have the new comers take a "Level exam" the first or second day of school and depending on their grade we "re-place" them when necessary.

Regards, Gustavo

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2001

Hi Erlyn and everybody,

We placed using the Institutional TOEFL BUT I was allowed to give the Michigan Exam to all the remedial students in the first few weeks of class and moved some of them up. I couldn't begin the battle of moving them down due to Michigan scores, but my teachers tell me that the same ones who are struggling are the ones who did poorly on the Michigan.

Unfortuantely, not all our first semester students enroll in language classes. (I'm working on this). So right now I'm gathering the names of all students who would be placed in remedial classes to ask them to take the Michigan exam this semester. Again, re-placing up will be no problem, it's moving students down that will be a battle. Since the official Tec policy allows us to re-apply the TOEFL to emedial students who have studied English. Our campus policy would be to charge these students 400 MXP to re-take the TOEFL. As always, the Michigan seems like a much better option for both academic and economic reasons.


Eva Sievert Campus Sonora Norte

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2001

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