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There may be a new, student-run cafe at Trent.

When Sean Gauthier, GSA president, last met with TCSA president, Marisa Barnhart, they discussed the possibility of setting up a cafe, to be run by students, out of one of the Symons-campus pubs.

The rest of the executive is excited about this project, about this kind of student-owned space on campus, and we think the GSA should get involved.

Tell us what you think, and stay tuned for updates.

-- Marcus Wilker, GSA communications (, July 31, 2001


Just to clarify for everyone, this was an informal converation between the TCSA president and myself. At this point there is no cafe in the works, it is just an idea -- and a fairly good one, i might add :)

-- sean gauthier, president, GSA (, August 02, 2001.

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