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How can view (or edit) pinnacle DV500 encoded movies on other PC's without that videocard installed? Are there plug-ins for Tsunami or Premiere? Please help me out!

-- Mark Geerligs (, July 31, 2001


By default, DV500 will encode analogue audio/video inputs with a certain DV AVI codec. I say certain because there are variations of DV AVI in any setting; there will be type-1, which is that which came directly from DV (or D8) tape and is the form your transferred files will assume as AVI on your HDD through the FireWire input by default; type-2, of which there will be a variety (Canopus DV, MainConcept DV, or whichever may have been installed along with the drivers and applications of that DV500), each trying to adapt and make the DV AVI file manipulable under Video for Windows. Having said these and indeed those movies you refer to are DV AVI files, then they can be played on other PCs without the DV500 provided the appropriate DV codec has been properly installed and registered in those PCs. What plug-ins for Tsunami or Premiere are U talking about?

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, August 06, 2001.

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